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Announcing our new name: Community Music Schools of Toronto

A joyful group of children posing for a photo, raising their hands in excitement and happiness.

We have long recognized that the name Regent Park School of Music does not express our involvement and dedication to the Jane Finch community - where we have been active for more than a decade - or our work with Turning Point Youth Services, Indigenous students at Kapapamahchakwew Wandering Spirit School, and many other partnership programs. The time has come to change our name to reflect who we are.

We have chosen Community Music Schools of Toronto as an umbrella name that connects all our programs and still celebrates our history in Regent Park and Jane Finch, and our future in even more communities. The name change also coincides with an important milestone.

We have been working to establish a larger permanent home in Jane Finch to double the number of students we reach so that even more young people can thrive through high-quality music education. Recently, Toronto City Council endorsed the building of a new permanent music school at York Woods Public Library. The endorsement allows us to start work with City staff, the Toronto Public Library, and community partners to explore the project in greater detail, seek vital input, gain necessary approvals, and move us forward to a permanent home. More news to come soon!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts or questions. We always appreciate your input and ideas.


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