Fall 2022 Lesson Registration

Registration for NEW families is NOW OPEN. Please follow the link below to sign up and access our classes through the Parent Portal.

Please see below for additional information regarding Registration: 

Registration is now open!  You are able to select your top 3 choices by adding your child to A MAXIMUM OF 3 WAITLISTS, and then we will select one for you. Students 9+ are eligible to join one private lesson and an ensemble. Students aged 6-8 are eligible for one group class and an ensemble. If there are no more private/group spots available, we encourage you to join one of our ensembles so that you may have priority registration next year. Children can register for an ensemble on top of their private/group class. Some ensembles require a pre-requisite (e.g. String Ensemble requires Private string lessons, some Senior Ensembles require Private lessons). Theory classes can be added as an additional ensemble! Registration will remain open until classes begin on September 19th. 


Conditions for virtual learning 

We are offering a small amount of programs virtually this year.  Our virtual ensembles are listed in the table above under "Online Ensembles." 

We will consider making an exception if your child requires a virtual lesson due to a health condition, disability or other special need. If your child has other barriers that would prevent them from participating in in-person programming, please contact us. 


Notice of Assessment Requirement 

Community Music Schools of Toronto is a registered charity that gives children and youth facing financial and other barriers a rich and rewarding music and social education. We aim to serve children and youth from families who have a household income of under $80,000.  For this reason, we are asking all families to provide us with their latest Notice of Assessment(s) (NoA) with line 150 stating annual income for each working person in the house. If you are a multiple-income household, you may have more than one NoA that we ask you to provide. 

You can bring in a hard copy of your statement in-person to the Regent Park site (585 Dundas Street East, Suite 220)  or Jane/Finch site (127 Eddystone Avenue). You can also provide us with this information by uploading your document(s) to our private drop box. Please click the link here: 


If you have any questions, please reach out to your location's Administrative Coordinator:  


Olivia Dodge (Regent Park) T: 416-364-8900 x21  E: 

Makda Musa (Jane/Finch) T: 416-364-8900 x22  E: