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The Great Pause

Music by Suzy Wilde

Text by Zorana Sadiq

From transcriptions of interviews with CMST community members

Recorded on January 20, 2024
at the Isabel Bader Theatre

The Great Pause

The Great Pause

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Faculty Band: Ben, piano / Andrew & Benson, guitar / Tim, drums 

1. If Aliens Came Down to Earth 

Soloists: Adam, Alia, Christopher, Kasia, Kendra, Sage, Zach Jane Finch & Regent Park Choirs 

2. Couple of Weeks 

Soloists: Alia, Alibertti, DeAundra, Kendra, Sherlian, Sage Regent Park Jam Students / Jane Finch & Regent Park Choirs 

3. Beat Block 

Soloists: Amayah, Betiel, Cailee, Christopher, Meri, Saliem, Theron, Yiyi 

4. We Were Kind of Lost for a While 

Soloists: Ainsley*, Gwenna*, Stacy * Jane Finch Choir 

5. Tunnel Vision 

Soloists: Amayah, Betiel, Cailee, Meri, Saliem, Stacy*, Theron, Yiyi Regent Park Jam Students 

6. We Built a Network with a Couple of Neighbours 

Soloists: Diane*, Gwenna*, Stacy* 

7. Stick on the Stove 

Soloists: Aaliyah, Ainsley*, Emmanuel, Gwenna*, Theron Jane Finch Choirs 

8. Under Their Masks 

Soloists: Emmanuel, Stacy*, Zach Jane Finch & Regent Park Choirs 

9. I Wanted to Play 

Soloist: Ainsley*
Regent Park String Ensemble / Regent Park & Jane Finch Choirs 

10. I'm Gonna Practice Even More 

Soloists: Alia, Nila, Meri, Sonam Jane Finch Choirs 

11. Single Track 

Soloists: Adam, Amy, Betiel, Kasia, Nila, Sonam
Regent Park Jam Students / Jane Finch & Regent Park Choirs 

12. A Good Thing for Some People 

Soloists: Aaliyah, Alibertti, Sonam Regent Park & Jane Finch Choirs 

13. What Do We Do With That Lesson? 

Soloists: Adam, Alibertti, Amayah, Cailee, Betiel, Kasia, Meri, Petrina, Saliem, Sonam, Stacy*, Theron, Yiyi, Zach
Regent Park & Jane Finch Choirs 

* CMST Faculty Soloists 

We Acknowledge the Support of the Canada Council for the Arts

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